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Golden Section Proportion

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Golden Rectangles
Golden ratio, Golden Mean and Golden Proportion.
Buttocks to breast radio, proportion and harmony. Golden RatioFat ...
In fact, if your face is symmetric and follows this ratio, you are often  said to be of exquisite beauty.
Frame Of Front Door
Logarithmic Spiral--Golden Rectangle
Golden Ratio of the Pentagram
... examined closely Golden sec. 4
golden section diagrams
Golden ratio. Cover template.  Stock Vector #166336460
Golden rectangle and golden spiral
Forming a rectangle with the sections of the line as sides results in a  visually pleasing shape that was the basis of their art and architecture.
Golden Section Gauge to show phi or golden ratio proportions
The Golden Ratio, Golden Mean or Divine Proportion, has long been used for  composing many forms of art. It's believed by many to be the most  aesthetically ...
golden section
proportions divines du visage | Golden Ratio 1.618 / Fibonacci | Pinterest  | Golden ratio
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1.618. Fibonacci NumberFibonacci Golden RatioGolden ...
Golden ratio. Geometric shapes. Circles in golden proportion. Futuristic
A4 has ratio of 1 x 1.414. Golden Ratio is 1 x 1.618. This
About the Golden Ratio: The Golden Ratio can be illustrated within special  dimensions of Sprials, Triangles and Rectangles where the ratio of the  length of ...
BTW, if you use ratios, greater than 1, you are actually calculating the  distance Y, not X