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Golden Section Architecture

Golden Section Architecture - Interior Design

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Golden Section Architecture - Interior Design
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The golden mean (also known as the golden ratio or the divine proportion)  refers to the relationship of 1:1.618..., an irrational number also known  as
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From the Greeks to the Romans to the medieval architects, regular geometric  shapes were used
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Notre dame de Paris, showing how the Golden Mean determined the varying  heights of the
Proporcin Area. Capilla de los Pazzi, ao 1441 fue su ltima obra.: Golden  RuleGolden RatioProportion ...
Golden Ratio The golden section Although not naming it the Golden Ratio,  around 300 BCE Euclid of Alexandria defined the proportion: A straight  line is ...
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UN Secretariat Building west side front view
The Golden Section in Architectural Theory
Forming a rectangle with the sections of the line as sides results in a  visually pleasing shape that was the basis of their art and architecture.
3) Chartres cathedral Two authors believe the Golden Section (or at least  its approximation
Excellent tool designed for proportionate sizes and shapes - applicable to  architecture and furniture
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... Andrew Rogers Golden Ratio in Green River, ...
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Golden Ratio based design of cars, (a), (b), (c) and (d) Volkswagen Beetle,  (e) Toyota Supra, and (f) Golden Section appears on a car's door