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Complementary Colours Of Blue

Complimentary Colors for Home Decorating ~

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Complimentary Colors for Home Decorating ~
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This images uses the complimentary colours of blue and orange
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Complementary colors are the colors that are opposite from each other on  the color
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This sophisticated duality is brought about through the very arrangement of  the colors in a split complementary palettea palette that features two ...
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Complementary Colors
The World is originally Geometric : abstract geometric triangle, diamond,  pattern, cobalt blue
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In school we were taught that there are three primary colors (yellow-blue-red)  and three complementary pairs (yellow-violet, blue-orange, and red-green).
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Complimentary colors are two colors across from each other on the wheel.  Blue and orange are two contrasting colors that compliment one another when  put ...
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... each other on the color wheel (example: red and green, orange and blue,  violet and yellow). The high contrast of complementary colors creates a  vibrant ...
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